Man charged after feud with neighbor leads to gunfire, death

CROSBY, Texas - Murder charges have been filed after deputies said a feud between two neighbors escalated to gunfire, leaving one person dead.

The man told Local 2 Sunday that he shot his neighbor, 47-year-old Joseph Wolf, out of self-defense.

"I feel my life is threatened half the time," says Stephen Masse, 56.

Around 8:45 p.m. Saturday evening, officers received a 911 call regarding shots being fired in the 21000 block of Plaza Circle in Crosby.

"Units received an in progress call for discharged firearm, units arrived and found a deceased male," said Harris County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Felipe Rivera.

The victim and his neighbor, Stephen Masse, have had an ongoing feud for years.

"My dog was poisoned, he was cited for poisoning my dog by the humane society," said Masse.

Masse said when he got home Saturday night he was walking in his backyard when he heard noises from next door.

"I hear a noise like normally they are banging the barrels for five or 10 minutes while I'm in my yard, just stuff to try to aggravate me," said Masse.

Masse said the argument turned deadly after Wolf became violent and pointed a gun in his face.

"He starts mouthing off, he starts insulting me, I didn't see the shot gun at that point, but then he came and I see the shot gun, and I say put it down, then he aims it at me, and I said put it down, he had it aimed at me and as I walked over he followed me, and with everything that has been going on around here, I shot," said Masse.

Wolf was found dead in his backyard.

Masse was taken to the sheriff's office for questioning, but returned home Sunday morning.

Wolf leaves behind a wife and three children.

Masse was later arrested and taken to the Harris County Jail. He has been charged with murder.

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