Man arrested for honking horn

Man says officer went too far in making arrest

HARRIS COUNTY - A Humble man said a Harris County Sheriff's deputy went too far when he arrested him on charges of interfering with public duty.

"I was in fear of my life," said Jimmy Breazeale, a quality control inspector at a paint shop.

A security camera video shows Breazeale was returning to work from lunch when he saw the officer with his door open, blocking the driveway to the parking lot. The deputy was working a traffic stop.  Breazeale alleges that after he honked, the deputy immediately became angry.

"He jumped out of his vehicle, screamed at me, 'What is your problem?' and started slapping the hood of my car."

The camera shows the deputy approach the car and touch the hood, but there is no audio to confirm what was said. However, the camera shows the officer trying to open the door and Breazeale quickly slamming it shut.

"The officer claimed that I was acting very menacingly toward him and that I refused to cooperate with him, that I refused to get out of my vehicle," recalls Breazeale, "which I did, because I was afraid the guy was going to beat me up."

After calling a supervisor, the officer arrested Breazeale, and Breazeale spent 27 hours in jail on a charge of interfering with public duties.

A few weeks ago, a judge dropped the charges. 

In response, the sheriff's office tells Local 2, "We are left to wonder why this individual has not yet filed a formal complaint with the HCSO, nor has he made a copy of the video available to us for a proper investigation, but has instead reached out to a media outlet to air his complaint."

Local 2 legal analyst Brian Wice said it would have been a mistake to file a complaint when the incident first happened.

"If you file a complaint immediately, it looks like payback," said Wice. "In this situation, the citizen had the good sense to wait and to be patient until the criminal justice system ran its course."

Breazeale said he doesn't want payback, but something he considers more important. "I want the truth to be out there. I want the officer to be held responsible for what happened there, and I want to make sure he doesn't do this to someone else."

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