Kids, animals found living in "deplorable conditions" in Channelview home

Investigators say 4 children, 9 dogs, 4 puppies removed from home

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Child Protective Services removed four children from a home located at 1815 Dominic Street.  Investigators with the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's Office said the home was no place for children to live.

"The home was in complete disarray," said Constable Alan Rosen. "There was feces and urine all over the home."

Authorities said the children are going to live with their grandmother while CPS investigates.

Animal cruelty officers also seized several animals from inside. They were seen carrying out cages of dogs and loading them into the back of a van.

Investigators said nine dogs and four puppies were removed because of the poor conditions.

"There were some animals that were in a closet," said Rosen.  "They were closed up in a closet when we went in and searched the home."

Rosen also said the animals didn't appear to have any food or water.

The homeowner, Kenneth Battle, disputes their accusations.

"I have plenty of dog food, water, I have cages, roofs, shelter, everything," Battle said. "I know that there's no feces and all this crap they're saying."

Battle told Local 2 he has been training dogs for the last 22 years, he imports them from Europe and has more than $50,000 invested in them. He also said he takes good care of them.

Battle even took reporters and photographers on a brief tour of his backyard to prove the conditions were suitable. 

There was no water or food visible, but Battle said that's because during the day he brings his dogs indoors.

"None of the things in this warrant is true," Battle said. "Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm a professional fighter, my wife's a nurse. We make plenty of money, we don't need to hoard."

Battle has not been charged with any crime. 

Constable Rosen said once the dogs are evaluated by a veterinarian they'll know what kind of cruelty charges to pursue. 

As for the kids, Rosen said that part of the investigation is being handled by CPS. 

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