Family in NW Harris County living in fear after home invasion

They say three suspects forced their way into the home

HOUSTON - A family in northwest Harris County is living in fear after three suspects forced their way into their home. The suspects confronted one family member who just arrived home while possibly searching the neighborhood for a house to hit.

It was a violent home invasion that has left residents in fear. About 3am Friday, a man says three men started banging on the door to his parent's home. Within minutes, the crooks kicked in the front door.

While the residents hid in a bedroom, the crooks ransacked the home, taking the television set off the wall along with other valuables.

"I tried to talk to my neighbors about being more vigilant and aware of what's going on," said one woman who's too afraid to talk about what happened to her neighbors.

But she says she's not surprised because crime has been going up in the area. Several months ago, a woman was tied up at gun point in her home while crooks packed up her valuables. Car break-ins are also a big problem.

"They tried to break into my vehicle, but they weren't successful. I finally had to put surveillance cameras up because theirs so much crime in this community," she said.

Investigators believe the men who broken into the house were also looking for other homes to break into. A resident reported they heard someone banging on their front door, a short time before men fitting the same description broke into this house.

"I worry sometimes because it just happened outside my house; worry a little more each day as hear things like this," said Daniel Lopez.

He says he and his family refuse to live in fear, but they are worried that crime has started to take over the neighborhood they call home.

"It wasn't like that just recently gotten like that; it's been getting out of hand. I guess we need to get more law enforcement around here," Lopez said.

Investigators say the suspects -- two men in their 20s and a teenager -- were seen driving a red truck.

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