Elf on a Shelf busts two kids peeking at Christmas presents

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Local 2 Investigates a Christmas caper that got two young children in trouble with Santa Claus. Now jolly old St. Nick is responding.

Inside a northwest Harris County home what happened is nothing less than shocking, well maybe slightly less than shocking. Anyway the point is as Local 2 Investigates has learned, this time there was a witness.

There is surveillance video of what is essentially a Christmas crime.   Two children -- nine and seven years old -- sneaking into their parents' closet to peek at their presents.

"It was exciting, but I thought it was a bad thing to do because I remembered that Little Lola was watching us," said 7-year-old Jamie.

Little Lola is the Owens' family's Elf on the Shelf..  he's a pint-sized guardian designed to keep kids on track during the holidays.

With what must have been a tiny camera, the elf captured the mischief. But even before it came to light, the kids already knew immediately they were in trouble.

"When I saw the toys I was like, 'I shouldn't have done that," said 9-year-old Megan.

According to a letter we obtained signed by Santa Claus and addressed to the kids, the whole fiasco nearly landed Megan and Jamie on the naughty list. As it is their elf TP'd their Christmas tree in protest.

But things are finally getting back to normal in this Owens' house with one simple but important realization.

"If it's something bad, don't even do it at all," said Megan.

When we asked mom if Christmas is going to be restored how it should be, she replied, "Oh yeah, I think so; we're back on track."

So it appears at least at this point that Santa will be making a stop at this house. We'll check in with family after Christmas to make sure that's happened.

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