Car stolen while owner in hospital

Hospital unaware of missing car

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A 63-year-old woman has her car stolen while she's in the hospital.

Becky Marden said she was near death when she went to the hospital in late March. She said she parked her 2005 red Hyundai Accent outside the emergency room at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital off the Tomball Parkway in northwest Harris County. 

She said for the next five weeks, she was in that hospital and another. When she came back to get her car, she said it was gone.

"Please give me my car back." asked Marden. "If you know how much I need it. Why would you take it from a hospital parking lot? And it was near the ER and not think that somebody needed it."

She said she filed a police report and checked with towing companies hoping it was simply towed from the lot in the five weeks she could not drive. She has not found it. 

She relied on tneighbors to get to the doctor and to pick up her medicine.

A Methodist Hospital spokesman said he was not aware of the missing car but said calling law enforcement is the right thing to do.

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