Atascocita students honor 9/11 victims

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

ATASCOCITA - Ceremonies are being held across the country on the 12th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

On Wednesday's anniversary, students at Atascocita High School remembered the 2,978 lives that were lost by placing flags in front of their campus.

"Each flag really stand for every victim and it is to commemorate that they stand tall, and we should never forget this incident," said Scott Augustine, the National Honors Society vice president at Atascocita High.

The miniature flags were placed around the flag pole, each one honoring a United States citizen who lost their life in 2001.

The school's National Honors Society held a ceremony to commemorate that tragic day.

"It is the first time American people really understood how important is was to be united, to be a patriot and to just fight terrorism wherever it comes from," said Monique Zibi, the National Honors Society advisor.

Zibi, who organized the ceremony, lost her 26-year-old cousin in the second tower back on September 11, 2001.

"He called his family, and said we are going to be okay, they just want us to evacuate, said Zibi. "He didn't have any idea of what happened. They continued walking down, and from that moment, we have never heard from him ever again."

Many of these students were too young to remember that somber day, but it doesn't stop them from remembering the sacrifice made by so many.

"It is still very difficult for our family, so I am very proud of my students here to continue to honor the victims," said Zibi. "They have done this for the last four years, so I am very thankful for them because I know that in a way they are also honoring my little cousin."

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