Accused shooter may be behind two murders

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Investigators think one man may be responsible for two back-to-back murders early Saturday morning. The suspect, 31-year-old Victor Manuel Reyes was later shot and killed by a Harris County sheriff's deputy.

Spencer Golvach was a popular local musician in a band called The Dead Revolt with his brother Dylan.

"He was my guide through life," Dylan Golvach said. "He meant the world to me."

Spencer had just dropped off his girlfriend and was heading home early on Jan. 31 when he was shot and killed while waiting at a stoplight at Mangum Road and West 18th street.

A short time later another man, 28-year-old Juan Garcia was shot and killed at Barker Cypress Road and West Little York Road.

A Harris County Sheriff's deputy in the area heard those shots and pursued Reyes, eventually shooting and killing him after he says Reyes refused demands to drop his gun.

Harris County court records show Reyes was sentenced to 5 years for drug possession in 2010 and there was an immigration hold listed because he was here illegally.

"I want to know why a convicted drug pusher who served time in prison that's not a legal citizen was unleashed upon our streets," said Spencer's father Daniel Golvach.

With Reyes dead, the family is now left with questions they will never know the answer to.

"He chose my son, that's not random and there will never be an answer as to why," Spencer's mother, Julie Golvach said.

"He was special to me because he was the only person who ever said he looked up to me and was proud of me," said Chris Doerre, Spencer's older brother.

Juan Garcia's family told KPRC2 he was a good and hardworking man and they also believe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, targeted by Reyes for no reason.

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