2 arrested, deputy injured after Christmas Day football game turns into brawl

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter, Jill Courtney

HOUSTON - A football game on Christmas Day turned into a street brawl in northwest Harris County.

It happened around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday on Trail Valley Way near Antoine Drive.

Officials said it all started when seven or eight teenage boys were playing football. At some point, one of the boys jumped on top of a neighbor's car trying to catch a pass.

Officials said the owner of the vehicle got angry and threats were made. About two hours later, 15 older teens showed up, and two of them had guns.

"I know I heard six shots go off," said Tina Webber whose grandson was playing in the game. "Rapid fire and two guys were shooting."

"It was a situation that never should have escalated," said Lakisha Webber who witnessed the brawl. "It was kids, but there was (sic) adults egging it on."

During the fight, a Harris County sheriff's deputy was attacked and injured. He was taken to an area hospital.

Authorities said no one was shot or seriously hurt.

Police said one man was tasered by officers and two people were arrested.

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