Police: Boy, 8, shot in face by child expected to surive

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

TEXAS CITY, Texas - An 8-year-old boy shot in the face by his cousin is expected to survive, according to Texas City police.

The boy still remains in the pediatric intensive care unit at Memorial Hermann Hospital after undergoing surgery for a gunshot wound to his left cheek.

Police said they were told the boy was playing with his 9-year-old brother and 7-year-old cousin at the apartment of their mother's boyfriend. Police said while the boys were playing they found a .380 caliber pistol. Investigators said the 7-year-old was holding the gun when it accidentally fired.

A woman visiting her parents at the complex was the first to call for help.

"The 7-year-old came running over and asked if we could help his cousin," said Bittney Riley. "He said they found a gun, they were playing around and it just went off and he shot his cousin in the face. When I went inside I honestly thought the little boy was dead so I called police immediately."

Riley told Local 2 the boys told her the man that was supposed to be watching them went to the store. Riley and police said there were no adults in the apartment when the boy was shot.

Individuals who declined to identify themselves arrived at the apartment Friday afternoon and retrieved what appeared to be a laundry basket filed with clothes. All of the individuals declined to answer Local 2's questions about the shooting.

Texas City police said they have yet to speak with the man who lives in the apartment, but they do believe he was the last person to see the children before the shooting. Police declined to identify this man.

Police have also not yet said who owns the gun involved in the shooting.

Officials with Children's Protective Services said the 7- and 9-year-old boys were being interviewed at the Children's Assessment Center to determine if they have safe home environments and determine whether they are getting the help they need following such a traumatic incident.

Police have not yet determined whether any charges may be filed in this case.

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