Large grass fire burns in Crystal Beach

Firefighters worked to keep flames away from nearby homes

Heavy smoke filled the sky over Crystal Beach Monday afternoon after a grass fire burned an area between S. Jacks and O'Neil off of Highway 87.

Firefighters worked to keep the flames from spreading to nearby beach homes on the Bolivar Peninsula.

"There were homes that were threatened," said Michael Warfield. " Oh yeah, they were out there with hoses.  They were worried."

When Michael Warfield saw the flames, he sprang into action and fired up his two tractors.

"I got in front of it to try and make a fire break and it was coming faster than I anticipated," said Warfield.

His wife and mother-in-law grabbed their garden hose.

The  Warfield's say they haven't seen rain on the peninsula in more than a month. The ground is dry, the temperatures are hot and there's very little humidity in the air making for perfect conditions for a fire. This means everyone must be on alert and not just in Galveston County.   

Firefighters were also working to fight a fire in Harris County today as well.

Fire Officials told Local 2 that 10 acres burned near Highway  6 and Addicks-Satsuma Road in the northwest part of the county. 

Fire officials said they have no idea how it started but it got awfully close to an apartment complex.

Luckily for  these residents firefighters were able to put it out and keep it from spreading.  No evacuations were necessary.

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