Former Galveston medical examiner back at the office

A previous employee claims to be a victim of sexual harassment and retaliation by the doctor

GALVESTON - The University of Texas Medical Branch still isn't commenting on what led them to cut ties with the man in charge of the Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office, but portions of his personnel file obtained by Local 2 detail two separate human resources investigations.

Dr. Stephen Pustilnik is back at the Galveston County Medical Examiner's office, but it's unknown in what capacity.

The most serious allegations were made by a terminated employee that claimed to be a victim of sexual harassment and retaliation by Dr. Pustilnik.

However, the human resources investigation did not substantiate whether the allegations were a factor in the employee's dismissal.

Another investigation in 2012 involved allegations of loud and unprofessional behavior.

The investigator in that case recommended that Dr. Pustilnik undergo management training.

UTMB isn't commenting on these investigations, but just last week, officials in Galveston County were caught off guard, when they learned Dr. Pustilnik's contract hadn't been renewed by UTMB, which provides staffing for the Galveston Co. Medical Examiner's Office.

On Tuesday, a worker at the ME's Office said Dr. Pustilnik was there, but unavailable for a comment.

According to Galveston County Judge Mark Henry, Dr. Pustilnik will remain on the job through the end of August.

Between now and then, the county will have to decide how to proceed.

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