Family, friends of 2 women found dead on Bolivar return to murder scene

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas - Family and friends of the two women found murdered in Bolivar Peninsula, returned to place the grisly discovery was made.

The bodies of Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby, both 24 years old, were found near a convenience store dumpster early Friday. Investigators said both women had been murdered about eight hours before.

Authorities have made no arrests in connection to the case. 

"I just want closure," Britney's grandmother Patricia Dixon said standing just feet away from the spot her granddaughter was left.  "It's not fair. I know we all have to leave here, but it's not right to take someone's life and throw them away like garbage. It's wrong"

Dixon, along with members of Jackson's family, prayed with Quanell X Tuesday, and passed out fliers of the composite sketch they hope will help capture the killer.

"Any kind of information would help," Dixon said. "Anybody could come forward, feel free. Don't be afraid. This is just a little piece of the puzzle we're trying to put together. These are very dangerous people and they need to be caught."

The sketch of the suspect was drawn after a witness told investigators a man was a seen driving Britney's 2006 Kia Sorrento. Both Jackson and Cosby were allegedly seen inside the car with the man at the time.

That was the last time the two women were seen alive. The SUV with temporary plates hasn't been seen since. According to investigators, whoever killed the women, also took  their wallets and IDs.

Crystal was shot to death and Britney died from blunt force trauma.

Who killed both women and why remain a mystery.

The Galveston County Sheriff's Dept. is investigating.

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