Coyotes killing pets and other animals in Galveston

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

GALVESTON, Texas - Families in one Galveston neighborhood are scared for their pets after some animals have been killed or disappeared, and they believe coyotes are to blame.

For five years, Macy the Chihuahua was part of Donald Grasso's family.

"She was a perfect little pup," Grasso said.

Recently early one morning he let her out in his backyard to go to the bathroom.

"And when I went to let her back in, I couldn't find her," Grasso said.

He searched the yard and the neighborhood, but couldn't find Macy. A few hours later, when it was light out, Grasso re-checked his backyard and spotted a gruesome scene. 

"Her bloody collar was there and she was just gone," Grasso said. 

He believes coyotes attacked Macy and left her to die in the yard. 

Grasso believes that because there are six known coyote dens across the island and two of them are right near his house, which is located in the 6500 block of Golf Crest Drive.

"They don't come out much during the day, but I've seen them," Grasso said. 

So has his neighbor, Todd Deatherage, who says he once saw two dogs kill his ducks. 

"They just grabbed them, shook them and then ran off," Deatherage said.

He isn't sure whether they were coyotes or some other mix. 

But either way, Deatherage and Grasso agree that the island has a wild dog problem. Grasso says he fears what could happen if it isn't taken care of.

"I heard about the coyotes cornering some lady down the street as she was getting into her car," Grasso said.

The city says it puts up traps, but the coyotes outsmart them.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, you should never feed a coyote. Also, try to keep your pets inside or in a gated area and always use a leash when walking them.

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