Women targeted by thief inside restaurant

Police looking for a suspect who is stealing women's wallets

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

ROSENBERG - Rosenberg police are looking for a man who was seen on surveillance video stealing a woman's wallet. The incident happened inside the Gringo's restaurant in the 24000 block of the Southwest Freeway. 

"It's lunchtime, the restaurant is very busy when this occurs," said Lt. Brian Baker.  Police believe this suspect has done this before.  He's seen on camera walking from room to room in the restaurant, he blends right in.

"He's a predator looking for prey," Baker told Local 2.

The suspected thief has a button down shirt draped over his shoulder, he uses it to conceal the crime when he leans over and reaches into a handbag hanging on the back of a woman's chair.  It's evident on the surveillance footage the woman has no clue what's happening.

Police said the man victimized two women inside the same restaurant on the same day.  The suspect got their wallets and credit cards and quickly wracked up fraudulent charges.  He was seen leaving the area in a gray sedan with dark tinted windows. 

Police are hoping someone will recognize him from the video and give them a call at 832-595-3700.

"It's a clear shot," Baker said.  "Even though he was wearing a hat I believe he will get identified."

Police want to remind women it's never a good idea to hang a purse on the back of a chair.  With the holidays coming up even more crooks will be out looking for their next victim. 

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