Richmond gorge repairs almost complete

Canyon transforming back into normal drainage ditch

RICHMOND, Texas - Fort Bend County crews are almost done fixing a gorge in a Richmond neighborhood Wednesday.

From bulldozers to trucks hauling in 5,000 loads of dirt, crews are transforming what looked like a canyon back into a normal drainage ditch and they're working from dawn to dusk to fix the problem.

"The progress has been pretty good," said homeowner Mendy Wills. "It was unbelievable from what it looked like the first day."

Even if it rains, Fort Bend County Drainage Ditch officials have a plan.

"The way they've planned for future rains is to have a diversion plan to divert the water around the ditch and that will keep the water from flowing into the ditch," said Fort Bend County Commissioner Richard Morrison.

It could take three to four weeks to completely fix the drainage ditch. Crews are waiting for the concrete structure and the new drainage pipe to be manufactured.

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