Credit card thieves caught on camera

Police: Couple took child on crime spree

STAFFORD, Texas - A couple broke into a man's car, stole his wallet and went on a shopping spree, all with a child in tow, detectives said.

Stafford police said the couple broke into a man's car parked outside his home and stole his wallet. Minutes later, investigators said they were down the street at a Walmart on West Airport racking up a bill with the victim's credit cards.

"To drag an unsuspecting and innocent child into your operation, it's kind of low," said Detective Preston Ousley of the Stafford Police Department.

Ousley said the most disturbing part is that the pair took their child along for the ride.

"They had a little child with them to make them seem like they're a normal family," said Ousley.

In the surveillance footage taken at the Walmart, the couple was seen walking up to a self-checkout lane before bagging their goods and cashing out.

"This couple went house shopping. They bought everything from pillows to pots and pans to clothes for the child," Ousley said.

Investigators said cameras were also rolling when the couple casually slipped out of the Stafford store and stopped by another Walmart in southwest Houston to do some more shopping.

During the entire crime spree, the couple had the little boy with them. Police believe the boy is no older than 6.

The family got away in a light-colored, older-model Volvo. Police are hoping images of the crime and the vehicle will be enough to catch the crooks.

Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Bend County Crimes Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS (8477).

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