33 cases of cyclospora stomach bug in Fort Bend County

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - New information in a developing story that's made national news as we've learned 33 of the cases of a serious stomach bug are right here in the Houston area.

Nationwide cyclospora has been a cause for concern, but now we're learning it's been a big problem in Fort Bend County. Health officials say at least 33 residents recently contracted the parasite and they say those numbers are higher than most other outbreak areas around the country.

The parasite cyclospora comes with many painful symptoms including vomiting, body aches and fever. Health officials say within a few weeks it's hit 33 people in Fort Bend County.

"This has been going around the country, but we seem to be seeing a lot higher cases than most places," said one health official.

Officials say you can get the bug from food like produce that is contaminated with feces, so the county is working with the Center for Diseases Control to interview people who contracted the illness to trace back to distribution systems, processing plants and ultimately a source.

"Bob's Tacos is helping us out by allowing us to look deeper into the way they order their food, where they are ordering their produce from," the health official said.

Officials say they welcome this help, but emphasize that no illnesses have been traced to a particular store or restaurant in Ft. Bend County.

Health officials say if left untreated, cyclospora can last from a few days to a month or even longer.

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