Pearland High School band members sprayed with repellant from plane

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

PEARLAND, Texas - Hundreds of band members from a local high school were sent home after suffering irritating symptoms from aerial mosquito spraying.

About 300 members of the Pearland High School band were outside practicing Thursday morning when a mosquito spraying plane flew overhead. The students began complaining of skin irritation and respiratory problems from the spraying.

"I believe the pilot was doing a pattern and it was part of the pattern and it was just an accident, call it a freak, it has never happened before," said Pearland High School Principal Larry Berger.

The students were sent home to shower and change clothes.

Pearland ISD officials are shocked this mistake happened because they are usually informed when the Brazoria County Mosquito Control District is spraying.

"Traditionally, Brazoria county lets our communication department know when they are going to spray. I think this time there was a lapse in communication just because they are unfamiliar of our kids coming back to school. School is year round; people think during summer there aren't any kids here, but they are here year-round," said Berger.

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