3 arrested after SWAT scene at grocery store

Suspects targeted pharmacy

BELLVILLE, Texas - Three teenagers were arrested after a SWAT situation at a grocery store in Bellville, Austin County early Wednesday.

An alarm at the Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store in the 700 block of South Front Street alerted Bellville police to the burglary at 2:56 a.m. When officers arrived, three suspects were trying to break into a safe in the pharmacy department, officials said.

The Austin County SWAT team was called when the suspects refused to come out of the pharmacy. After an hour, the suspects gave up and were arrested without incident, police said.

Bellville Police said all of the suspects are from the Houston area -- Darion Williams, 19, Shawn Powers, 19, and Terry Bell, 19. Investigators said Bell and Williams were found inside the store and Powers was outside the store, possibly the getaway driver.

Williams was taken to the Bellville General Hospital after he drank a liquid drug stolen from the pharmacy, officials said.

Police said the Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store has security cameras that provided a live feed to the police department.

Investigators said the equipment allowed them to see the suspects as they made entry into the store and tried to open the safe.

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