NEW VIDEO: Jack in the Box worker pled guilty for shooting at family during dispute over curly fries near Bush Airport

HOUSTON – Authorities have released surveillance video more than two years after a Jack in the Box worker opened fire on a family during a dispute over curly fries.

According to officials, the situation took place back in March 2021 at the fast-food restaurant located near Bush Airport on John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

Jeraldin Ospina says her first trip to Texas was a nightmare. She and her husband Anthony Ramos and their 6-year-old daughter stopped at the establishment after leaving Bush Airport. They paid for a combo but didn’t get the curly fries they ordered which led to an argument with employee Alonniea Ford.

“It was a very scary moment; somebody could have gotten hurt. We could have gotten hurt or lost anybody’s life over some curly fries,” Ospina said.

The customer, Anthony Ramos, reportedly stopped to get food and returned when he noticed an order of curly fries was missing.

The employee, Alonniea Ford refused to fill the order, causing an argument between the two.

“I even offered to pay for them. I said listen I will keep what I have and pay for the other ones, or I can just drive back around. She didn’t want any part of it. She just said we weren’t going to get them and that was it,” Anthony Ramos said.

Ford reportedly threw ice and ketchup at Ramos and his family. He can be seen on camera throwing a drink at the drive-thru window. Ford briefly walks away and then whips out a gun. She allegedly began opening fire toward the car as Ramos drove off.

“She’s aiming, she’s leaning, she’s not just going up in the air trying to scare people. She’s trying to kill them,” Attorney Randall Kallinen said.

The family said they are now suing Jack in the Box.

“The whole time I had anxiety up the roof,” Ramos said.

Ford pleaded guilty to deadly conduct and severed a year of probation. Court documents also reveal she was charged and pled guilty to Terroristic Threat back in 2012. Attorney Randall Kallinen says the fast-food chain needs to review its policies on supervision and should always keep customers safe.

“They may have a policy, but they have to implement those policies. It’s one thing to have a policy and write something down on a piece of paper it’s another thing to supervise and to check it apparently, they didn’t do that,” Attorney Kallinen said.

The family said Jack in the Box has not reached out to them. KPRC 2 reached out to the corporate office but have not heard back.

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