Neighbors help clean up destruction from SE Houston EF2 tornado

HOUSTON – What a difference a day makes.

Many homeowners in one southeast Houston neighborhood had debris and large chunks of roofing materials all over their street Tuesday thanks to a tornado.

On Wednesday, the cleanup efforts were drastic.

Ed Serrano, who lives on Kirkhall Drive in SE Houston, said he knew it wasn’t just the wind that blew through his neighborhood Tuesday.

“I looked out my window, and I saw somebody’s roof come right behind my truck,” Serrano said.

The National Weather Service said the damage is consistent with an EF2 tornado with winds upwards of 115 mph.

Serrano said he suffered minor damage to his roof and fencing, but he’s glad he’s alive. He said he’s also counting his blessings for helpful neighbors.

“I had surgery, and I couldn’t lift up heavy stuff,” he said. “They knew and they came over.”

One man, who didn’t even live in the neighborhood, brought over his chainsaw to help an elderly couple cut and neatly stack up large tree limbs that blew into their yard.

Owner of Indi Construction Raquel Boujourne said the devastation left her heartbroken. She decided it was more valuable to spend the day putting people over profits.

“I called my husband, and I said ‘I don’t know what you have on the schedule. We have to cancel it. Get some of the guys, get a dump trailer, get our trucks,’” Boujourne said. “‘Let’s get out there and start helping people that need help.’”

Boujourne and her crew spent the day going door-to-door to offer help at no charge in the mostly 55 and older community.

She said that’s what Houstonians do and she planned to return Thursday to assist more families.

She’s encouraging others to donate their time and efforts where they can.