Some homes damaged, others untouched in Deer Park area following severe weather

On Luella Avenue and East X Street, residents are seeing decades-old structures have collapsed.

“The neighbor’s shed blew into my house with the tornado,” Derek Nicholas said.

The sounds of power tools along with words of gratitude fill the air.

“We’re blessed,” Jeannie Gentry said.

Her home was damaged in the tornado, but not as bad as her neighbors. Gentry knows it could have been a lot worse.

“Seeing her house and her husband’s home demolished was just terrible,” she said.

She says the owners of the home weren’t inside during the tornado but their dogs were inside in their crates.

“Beams had fallen onto the crates and the crates saved their lives,” she said.

Michael Montenegro is also counting his blessings after he says his wife and four children weren’t home when their roof was ripped off.

“That’s the most important part,” he said. “[We] still got our lives, I still got my kids.”

News of the destruction has spread around the quiet Deer Park community.

“I was like, ‘Let’s go,’” Taylor Rohm said.

Yards were also filled with strangers looking to give a helping hand.

“We’re highly favored and blessed,” Brandyn with Quala Cleaning said. “We have the ability to come out and help, we going to do it.”

“Try to get our town back to where it’s supposed to be,” Rohm said.

The Montenegro family started a fundraiser to help click here.

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