Psychic therapist Vincent Genna on ‘the secret that’s holding you back’

Vincent Genna, who describes himself as a “gifted physic medium with the knowledge and experience of a psychotherapist,” appeared on KPRC 2+ discuss his new book “The Secret That’s Holding You Back.”

Here’s the book description:

If you’re not pursuing a rewarding career, not in loving relationships, not financially secure, healthy or vital, aren’t fulfilling your purpose and passion (or don’t even know your purpose or passion), then you’re stopping yourself without even knowing it.

Psychic therapist and medium Vincent Genna explains the mechanisms and processes at work—your brain has unconsciously created blocks that sabotage your efforts to create a meaningful life. The bottom line is, you don’t believe what you think you believe!

After almost four decades of study, research, and experience in the fields of metaphysics, the paranormal, and psychology, Genna has discovered unique divisions of the unconscious mind never before identified- divisions that were unconsciously developed to protect and harbor our true belief systems. Genna reveals how the secret inner workings of these heretofore unknown minds are stopping you from using your true divine gifts and abilities and offers guidance on how to release the blocks that hinder your true expression.

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