Breakfast for dinner? Here’s how you can win $5,000 from Kellogg’s for eating cereal for dinner

Give chicken the night off: Kellogg gives families a chance to win $5,000 when they add cereal to their dinnertime rotation. (PRNewsfoto/Kellogg Company) (Hand-out, Kelloggs)

Breakfast for dinner anyone?

Kellogg’s is offering to pay $5,000 to five people who post pictures of themselves eating cereal for dinner on Instagram, along with the hashtag, #KelloggsCerealforDinnerEntry, according to the company.

Once a week, for five weeks, leading up to National Breakfast Day on Sept. 26, participants can share how they enjoy their favorite Kellogg’s cereal. The company will randomly select one winner for each week and then the entry pool restarts. In addition to the cash, winners get a year’s supply of Kellogg’s cereals.

“Kellogg’s cereals shine as stars of the breakfast table, but morning isn’t the only time cereal can bring the fun,” said Sadie Garcia, Director of Brand Marketing at Kellogg All Family Cereal. “Cereal for dinner is a low-prep, low-mess and low-price meal option, so you can spend less time cooking and cleaning and more quality time with your loved ones every week.”

For more information about the sweepstake, click here.

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