Katy store owner pleads for help after vintage truck disappears from store parking lot

KATY, Texas – A vintage truck that sat in a parking space in a Katy strip mall for about 2 years, has disappeared.

It was a nostalgic sight for people who would visit Whiskey Charlie’s liquor store, but now that piece of history seems to have vanished into history.

“Just had the company logo on the door. Originally it was just an excuse to buy a cool little truck,” said Whiskey Charlie’s co-owner, Marc Hughes.

The 1954 maroon and tan Chevy pickup truck took the front seat to the liquor store.

“It turned into a neighborhood fixture, popular piece,” Hughes said.

Hughes and his co-owners got the hot rod about 6 years ago and moved it to the store when it opened, but on the weekend of May 21st, it disappeared.

“The most interesting thing has been the outpouring from the customers like I think my customers might be more bothered by it having been stolen than we were, and I was pretty bothered by it,” Hughes said.

From a Facebook post about the theft being shared countless times, to car groups and neighborhood forums circulating its picture, the community has banded together to help bring the beloved truck back home.

“I’ve had customers Facebook message us messages of condolences it’s been pretty crazy,” Hughes said.

But so far no leads on where it could be.

“I’ve asked everybody up and down the shopping center here. Nobody remembers seeing anybody or anything so,” Hughes said.

Hughes hopes he’ll be reunited with that blast from the past, sometime in the near future. If you’ve seen it you can contact investigators or the store directly here.

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