Woman says gunman followed her around Kroger then outside and robbed her in broad daylight

A couple says an armed robber didn’t even wait for nightfall to strike in a grocery store parking lot on the southwest side of town.

Now they’re hoping their story will get the culprit off the streets and keep other shoppers vigilant.

An open Kroger parking lot in the middle of broad daylight with multiple cameras and a security guard might seem like an unlikely place for someone to commit an armed robbery, but that’s no longer the case for George Pulliam and his wife Rocia Salazar as of March 29.

”I drive over here immediately, and I find my wife in tears right around 4 p.m.,” Pulliam said.

”I was scared for everything,” Salazar said.

The couple says a man who Salazar noticed inside the store on West Bellfort Street and Post Oak followed her out and struck when she went to put the grocery basket back.

”This guy opened the door, took my purse, and when I tried to do something he showed me the gun,” Salazar said.

According to the family, the thief stole about $1,500 worth of merchandise and got away with private information.

“I don’t know if this guy is going to come back to take the car and shoot me,” Salazar said.

Amid their ongoing fears, they have a warning for shoppers everywhere.

”Be careful, when you think you’re safe just because there’s security cameras and stuff outside, that ain’t good enough. Not anymore,” Pulliam said.

The couple says they learned the suspect went to several stores trying to use the stolen credit cards.

They’re hoping someone who knows something will call police.