5 things for Houstonians to know for Thursday, Feb. 10

Some parents calling for Houston ISD to drop mandatory mask mandate

Here are things to know for Thursday, Feb. 10:

1. Family demands answers after transgender woman found shot to death near overpass in Channelview

The family of 38-year-old Martin Caldera, a transgender woman who also went by Martina, held signs and chanted near the area where she was found dead back in December.

“We really just want to know what happened,” said Martina’s brother, Noel Caldera.

Martina’s family told KPRC 2 that Martina was an amazing person, had the best personality, and called everyone on their birthdays.

“He loved everyone, everyone he met loved him. He was always happy singing. He was just a fun guy to be around,” said Noel Caldera.

On Dec. 6, Martina was found dead near an overpass on the East Freeway and Sheldon in Channelview.

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2. VIDEO: Mother, 2 daughters said to be involved in attack on middle school student at bus stop

Troubling video obtained by KPRC 2 shows what witnesses say was a ruthless attack of an eight-grade Rowe Middle School student right after she got off the bus near High Stone and Bell Creek on Tuesday.

The people accused in the beating were said to have been a mother, her adult child, and her other younger daughter.

Those at the scene said the three people waited for the student to get off the bus before the brutal attack began.

Sandra Washington says her granddaughter, who is also a student, saw the whole thing unfold.

“This mother, her two daughters, attacking another student, yelling out that they’re part of a 504 gang [and saying] ‘This is how we do it!’” Washington said. “Kicking her in the head, beating her, dragging her. She tried to call the police, they took her phone from her.”

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3. Katy teen becomes first sickle cell disease patient in Texas Medical Center to become her own donor

Right now, the only normal way to cure sickle cell disease is with a bone marrow transplant. Doctors say it is incredibly rare to find a matching donor for that kind of transplant.

Now, a new health development may be creating another option for those in need.

Doctors at the Texas Children’s Hospital said they have found a way to eliminate the need for a third-party donor where the patient can be their own.

Helen Nduku, 17, of Katy was the first patient in the gene cell therapy trial at Texas Children’s Hospital.

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4. Some parents calling for Houston ISD to drop mandatory mask mandate

As COVID-19 cases decrease nationwide, the debate over masks in schools is returning to center stage.

A group, known as the ‘West U Parent Choice’, is pushing for officials from the Houston Independent School District to end face coverings in the classroom.

They’re asking other families to join their efforts in keeping their students home from school next week.

The group will speak out at the district school board meeting Thursday night at 5 p.m.

Wearing masks in school continues to be a hot topic in Texas and around the nation.

“It should be optional. If you want to put your kid in a mask that should be your choice,” parent Lauren Droubi said.

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5. KPRC 2 Investigates: Bride pays $700+ for wedding hair, stylist is a no-show

The wedding day is often something a bride dreams about and plans for years. But for one Houston woman, her wedding day turned into a hair nightmare so she called our KPRC 2 Investigates team for help.

Wedding hair nightmare

Everything for the wedding was planned and ready to go. But then, on the day of the wedding, one of the most important people didn’t show up.

“I’m like, it’s my wedding day, because who does this to people and when you know what I’m saying?” said bride Ann Broussard-LaFleur.

When it comes to the wedding day, the bride’s hair is a big deal.

“Most important. One of the most important things,” said Broussard-LaFleur.

Broussard-LaFleur dreamed about a custom wig with long curls. She thought she found the perfect person to help her out. The stylist: Dominique Thompson -- also known as “Hair by Michael” on Instagram. He has more than 13,000 followers.

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