‘I don’t want to think the worst’: 63-year-old grandfather missing, family fears his disappearance could be related to his son’s murder case

Here's what we know

One Cypress family is hoping the public can help them with locating a loved one who has been missing since Saturday.

The Hayes family said 63-year-old Floyd “Man” Hayes never returned home after last being seen leaving a Walgreens in Katy.

“I don’t want to think the worst. I just want to hope that he’s somewhere,” said Hayes’ stepdaughter, Ashleigh Perkins.

Hayes’ family said they are hoping someone knows about his whereabouts, as this is not his typical behavior.

“He’s very honorable. He takes care of his family,” Perkins said. “He didn’t come home Sunday morning. He was supposed to come home Saturday night. I waited for him until 2 a.m.”

Perkins said this all started after Hayes hurt his hand while helping a friend in Waller.

“He’s not the kind of man who would ask for help,” Perkins said.

His family urged him to seek medical care, which they said he finally did at ER Katy, which is a medical facility in Katy. Surveillance video captured footage of him leaving the facility on Saturday, Perkins said.

“He just left. He was dopped up on morphine and pain medication and he just left,” Perkins said.

The family said they filed a missing person’s report, alerting Katy PD and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators told the family that Hayes was last seen on surveillance video at a Walgreens.

“He was last seen on the Walgreens on Mason near I-10,” Perkins said.

She said he was picking up medicine and then drove off in his Black Suzuki Equator with plate KTC9326.

“I promised I would do everything in my power to get his name and face out there,” Perkins said.

But now, Perkins said she worries about another issue the family is dealing with.

“One of my biggest fears is that it could be connected,” Perkins said.

Perkins’ half-brother, the son of her stepfather, 23-year-old Mann ‘Austin’ Hayes, was charged with murder for the 2020 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend Julie DeLaGarza. The case is still pending. 

Perkins and her family maintain her half-brother’s innocence. Perkins said her half-brother has received threats against his family.

“He’s been getting letters in jail with individuals threatening our family,” Perkins said.

Her half-brother has been behind bars and has a court date on Friday, Jan. 28, which Perkins told investigators about.

“It’s just really odd,” Perkins said,

Another odd happening was on Saturday night when their mother got a call from her missing husband’s phone, however, it was not her husband’s voice that spoke.

“It was a stranger’s voice, and they said, ‘Sorry, butt-dialed.’ And they hung up,” Perkins said.

Investigators said they last pinged Hayes’ phone around 10:30 Saturday night.

The whole family is asking anyone with information on the 63-year-old’s whereabouts to call Crime Stoppers.