HPD releases body camera video in officer-involved crash that killed 75-year-old man

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HOUSTON – Nearly one month later, Houston police released body camera video from an officer-involved crash that killed a 75-year-old man.

The crash happened on Dec. 26, 2021, in the 4600 block of N Shepherd Drive.

Houston police say officer Christopher Cabrera’s patrol vehicle crashed into another driver’s car.

The man behind the wheel of that Cadillac CTS was 75-year-old Charles Payne.

KPRC 2 spoke to Charles’ son Kevin Payne in December, and he told us his dad had just left church.

“I was at home and HPD called and they notified us that he was involved in a car wreck with a police officer,” Kevin said.

Charles was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries.

Nearly one month later, body camera video was released showing part of officer Cabrera’s response to the crash.

“I mean the airbag kind of hit me,” Cabrera said. “It hit my vest, but my seatbelt was on though. And, is he okay?”

Seconds later, you can hear the officer ask again about the driver’s condition.

“Is he like life-threatening,” he asked.

A first responder on the scene asked the officer if he needed treatment, telling him he looked woozy.

“Yea, I just want to make sure he’s okay,” Cabrera responds. “It happened pretty quick.”

He denies treatment, and eventually, he’s asked to sit down.

“I’m still trying to figure out what happened,” Cabrera could be heard saying on the video.

Cabrera was then taken to hospital with minor injuries. Days later, he was relieved of duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

Charles’ family said they want accountability.

“My father was turning off Shepherd onto Thornton,” Kevin said. “He couldn’t have been speeding (while) turning, so someone had to be speeding for him to be killed in an impact hit like that.”

HPD said their investigation is ongoing.

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