Houston bar apologizes to cyclists after facing backlash for marquee message


Truck Yard Houston has issued an apology to cyclists after facing backlash for a message displayed on a marquee outside of its bar.

The message on display read, “Study shows 90% of bike accidents can be avoided by buying a car like normal people.”

A photo of the marquee with the message was posted to Truck Yard’s Instagram and Facebook accounts on Sunday.

According to Houston Eater, some local cyclist groups found the message insensitive and antagonistic.

Several commenters demanded an apology from Truck Yard and called for a boycott of the establishment, Eater reports.

Truck Yard issued the following apology on Monday:

“We are (expletive) idiots. We were stupid in putting this up on our bar marquee without thinking twice about how it could offend. We were (expletive) morons to not think about the communities that we hurt. Thank you advocates for enlightening us. We have taken the sign down. This was not a political or crusade statement in the least. It was simply a stupid and ignorant decision and for this we are truly and humbly sorry.” Read the message on Facebook here.

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