Family pleads for answers after 24-year-old father of 3 killed in NE Houston

The father was shot and killed in August
The father was shot and killed in August

HOUSTON – One Houston family is asking for the public’s help in getting justice for their loved one, a father of three who was gunned down while walking down Sakowitz Street in August.

More than a month later, Houston police have not been able to make any arrests and do not have a suspect description.

The family said the man is a loving and selfless person who always went out of his way to help others.

Now, they are hoping that someone helps him. Jonathan Kidd, 24, was someone his family said could light up a room with good energy, smiles and support.

“He was kind of the light of our family because he laughed a lot. He kept us laughing,” said Monika Kidd, Jonathan’s mother.

“He was my older brother. He was like my protector,” said Hannah Kidd, Jonathan’s sister.

Jonathan left his northeast Houston home on his bicycle with his backpack on Aug. 23 when he went to the local Burger King to get dinner.

“From there, he offered to walk with his older friend. On their way back, they were both shot at,” Monika said.

The family said after having dinner, Jonathan decided to take a walk with his friend, 41-year-old Luis Roy Almendarez, someone he always looked out for.

“He was a really good-hearted boy, and it made me feel good,” Monika said.

Around 9:30 p.m. that evening, Houston Police said Jonathan and Almendarez were walking in the 2100 block of Sakowitz when a dark-colored pick-up truck pulled alongside them and started shooting.

Jonathan was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital. Almendarez was also shot but survived, according to police.

More than a month later, the family is still looking for answers as to what happened to their loved one.

“Don’t know why [it happened]. He was just walking down the street like anyone would,” said Paige, Jonathan’s sister.

The family is urging anyone who may have seen or heard anything to come forward to the Houston police or Crimestoppers.

“Please come forward. Please, please give some information,” said Charles, Jonathan’s father.