Clouds and showers will dominate much of the work week forecast

A stormy pattern for most of this week is likely
A stormy pattern for most of this week is likely

Storms Are Back This Week:

We’re starting this Tuesday with scattered showers. And more rain is expected as we move throughout the day. This is the beginning of a very wet weather pattern that will last through at least Friday.

For today our greatest chance to see heavy rain and thunderstorms is this afternoon.

We get a break late tonight with more storms Wednesday morning.

Hour-by-Hour Planner for Tuesday (KPRC 2)

Stormy Work Week:

As an area of low pressure moves into western Texas kicking up storms across central Texas, we’ll also see showers and thunderstorms streaming in from the Gulf of Mexico starting Tuesday through much of the week. We’ll get squeezed between the two systems: An upper level low in the Texas Panhandle and the area of high pressure churning in the Gulf moisture for storms.

Planner for the next three days (KPRC 2)
Batches of heavy rain are possible across the area this week

Rainfall Totals:

It has been a while since we have seen any heavy rain, in fact, the last day with rainfall above a quarter of an inch was September 18! Before that, you have to go back to two weeks ago when Hurricane Nicholas raked across the region. Through the end of this week, we could see anywhere from 1-3″ with isolated heavier amounts along the south coast.

1-3" of rain is possible over the next 5 days

10-Day Forecast:

High pressure will shift east allowing the Gulf of Mexico to open back up with a southeast wind which will bring back humidity for most of this week. In addition, showers and thunderstorms will return as well, leading to anywhere from 1-3″ of rain by the end of the week.

A stormy pattern for most of this week is likely

Tropical Outlook:

The tropics remain active with multiple storm areas in the Atlantic including the leftovers of Peter and powerful Hurricane Sam. Sam has increased in strength to major hurricane status and expected to stay at Category 3-4 status for the next few days north of the Leeward Islands. We are still seeing some new activity with tropical waves coming off the coast of Africa in the next five days.

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