Firework safety tips and regulations you should know ahead of July Fourth weekend

Here's how you can stay safe this holiday weekend

HOUSTON – Fourth of July is upon us, which means many people across the greater Houston area will be celebrating the holiday weekend with fireworks.

Before you get to the fun, the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office and Top Dog Fireworks held a news conference to talk about safety.

During the news conference, they addressed how to be safe with and around fireworks, as well as fireworks rules and regulations, including:

  • Fireworks cannot be within 600 feet of a church, daycare, school hospital or any similar locations.
  • Fireworks cannot be within 100 feet of any places with explosive materials such as gas stations and other fireworks stands.
  • If a firework does not go off, the HCFMO says do not approach the explosive and look over it in case it detonates.
  • Keep neighbors and pets in mind.
    • Many veterans suffer from PTSD and the sound of fireworks is difficult for them, so be courteous.
    • Pets have a hard time with fireworks, so remember to bring them inside and give them a place where they feel safe. If they have to be outside, keep your pets on a leash.
  • Set up a perimeter around the firework that children cannot cross to help keep them safe.
  • Keep a bucket of water or a water hose nearby in case of an emergency and have a safety plan.
  • After cleaning up, do not put your trash bin in your garage or near your house in case the hot remnants spark a fire. Keep the garbage containers at the curb or away from your home.
    • Check your smoke alarms
  • Don’t let children handle sparklers -- they burn six times hotter than boiling water.

Fireworks are not allowed within city limits. Anyone who has a complaint about the use of fireworks in the unincorporated areas of Harris County can email or call 281-999-2200.

Watch the full update below:

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