Life sentence for Spring man who plotted to kill ex with hitman, then tried to order hit on hitman

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HOUSTON – A Spring man convicted of solicitation of capital murder has been sentenced to life in prison after a week-long trial, according to Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

Robert Gordon Letourneau, 61, was first taken into custody in January 2019 “violating a protective order forbidding him from communicating with his ex-girlfriend when they broke up after a six-year relationship,” according to a news release.

Letourneau was released on a $2,000 bond and was re-arrested months later in March after he hid in the back of his ex-girlfriend’s car, placed a screwdriver to her throat and forcing her to drive to multiple ATMs to withdraw money, officials said.

While in custody, Letourneau tried to orchestrate the murder of his ex-girlfriend by hiring other inmates to kill her so she could not testify against him, according to authorities.

He provided the inmates detailed information regarding the whereabouts and routine of the victim and said he would pay them in the form of property and cash once the murder had been carried out. However, one of the inmates tipped off investigators before the hit could take place and Letourneau was subsequently charged.

According to the release, another inmate alerted authorities to a second hit attempt two months after the first one failed.

“An undercover officer posing as a hitman met with Letourneau twice in the jail. During their first meeting, Letourneau offered $5,000 worth of auto parts to carry out the hit,” according to the release. “The undercover officer later returned for a second meeting to show Letourneau a staged photo that appeared to show his ex-girlfriend had been shot.”

According to the release, Letourneau was so pleased with the “hit” that he hired the undercover officer to kill the person who tipped off authorities to his first hit attempt.

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