What you need to know now that Galveston closed city facilities to the public amid growing COVID-19 concerns


GALVESTON, Texas – Galveston has announced that city facilities are now closed to the public due to the rising number of coronavirus cases in the community.

According to a news release, all facilities, with the exception of the McGuire-Dent Recreation Center, closed Tuesday afternoon and will remain closed for the time being.

Those looking to make reservations at the It’s the McGuire-Dent Recreation Center can call 409-797-3700. The recreation center is taking reservations but is limiting guests.

Galveston will continue to provide all services without interruption, according to the release.

“The city has proven its ability to meet citizen needs electronically and will continue to do so,” the release said. “The city will continue to operate at full capacity and during all normal business hours.”

Those who want to make utility payments will be able to do so using the drive-in window or by going online at Galvestontx.gov/paymywaterbill. The Municipal Court at 601 54th Street will also remain open for payments, which can be made over the phone at 800-530-8084, online at Municipalonlinepayments.com/galvestontx or at the payment window.

Other city services will also be available by phone, and anyone needing assistance should call the appropriate department.

Galveston officials urge people to continue following health protocols like social distancing and wearing a mask in public spaces. Go to the Galveston website for more information.

Staff Directory:

  • Non-emergency police and Animal Control: 409-765-3702
  • Non-emergency fire: 409-797-3850
  • City Attorney: 409-797-3530
  • City Manager: 409-797-3520
  • City Marshal/Code Enforcement: 409-797-3647
  • Development Services, including planning, building division, economic development and coastal resources: 409-797-3660
  • Grants and Housing: 409-797-3820
  • Human Resources: 409-797-3650
  • Municipal Court: 409-765-3740
  • Municipal Services, including streets, traffic, sanitation: 409-797-3630
  • Parks and Recreation: 409-797-3700
  • Recycling Center: 409-797-3958
  • Scholes Airport: 409-797-3591
  • Island Transit: 409-797-3900
  • Utility Billing: 409-797-3550

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