Vaccination experience: Doctors share what it’s like after receiving first dose of vaccine

HOUSTON – Shipments of Covid-19 vaccines continue to make their way to the Houston-area. One frontline worker in the Texas Medical Center is sharing her experience with the vaccine shot.

Dr. Linda Yancey, an infectious disease specialist with Memorial Hermann Hospital received Pfizer’s vaccine a week ago Tuesday.

“It was a lot like getting a flu shot,” Dr. Yancey said. “I woke up Wednesday morning. My arm was a little bit sore but that had faded away by the next morning.”

Dr. Yancey described the shot as anticlimactic. She said she did not have a fever, nor did she experience fatigue. The infectious disease specialist said while the first dose gave her 80% protection against the Coronavirus it gave her much more.

“Just knowing I’m not going to bring this home to my family, I’m not going to inadvertently infect my patients. It’s an enormous relief,” she said.

Dr. David Callender, President and CEO of Memorial Hermann Health System said he rolled up his sleeves yesterday.

“I have a little bit of a sore arm today but have had no other adverse effects,” he said.

Moderna trial volunteer Juan Antonio Sorto said he did experience fatigue and a fever after his second dose this past summer. He said drugmaker Moderna has yet to say whether he received got the vaccine or the placebo.

“If I was one of the ones that received the placebo, then yes, I would be open to getting the actual vaccine,” Sorto said.

He’ll being monitored for two years as part of Moderna’s vaccine study on the long-term effects.

Dr. Yancey said she knows skepticism exists but said the vaccine is safe.

“I haven’t grown a second head. I don’t have a tail,” she said. “I would say keep an eye on us and see how we do. And hopefully that will bring people some comfort.”

The Houston doctor said she will receive her second dose in two weeks. Dr. Yancey said if a vaccine recipient does experience side effects that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. She said it’s an indication of a fast immune response and high level protection.