Servers surprised with $1,000 tip by generous group in Galveston

GALVESTON – It was a special morning for six waiters and waitresses across Galveston island. Each of them were blessed with a nearly $1,000 tip, and in some cases even more, just in time for the holiday season.

“Never thought it would happen to me. So when it did, it was great. It was awesome,” said Rita Johnson, one of the waitresses that received a generous tip.

Manuel Bruno, who organized the kind venture said, said others across the country are doing the same this season.

“It seems like a good cause,” he said.

Bruno, along with a group of dozens of friends and neighbors, started the morning by splitting up and heading to about half a dozen restaurants.

After their breakfast, they presented the very generous tips to their unsuspecting servers.

“We kind of just picked restaurants at random but we wanted to basically bless and help the people out at random,” said Bruno.

The waiters and waitresses on the receiving end were extremely grateful. And just as special, some of them split the money with other servers.

“It was a huge blessing. I tried to help my coworkers too, I gave them a little bit of money. So I think we all got blessed today,” Johnson said.

Monica De Los Santos, who also received money from the generous tip said: “It was very nice, now I have money to buy my daughter’s a gift.”

As for those who came together to make the holiday season a little brighter, they’re thankful to have done it and are hoping it inspires others to do the same.

“If you guys can organize your own group, you can do it for somebody else to do it. It’s great everybody needs a good deed right now,” said Bruno.

In all, Bruno said they gave out about $9,000 dollars Friday morning at 6 different restaurants and is planning to keep the tradition going in the future.

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