More people getting tested for coronavirus ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday

HOUSTON – Local officials have made the push and urged people to get tested for COVID-19 as positive cases continue to climb in Houston and Harris County.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo encouraged people to exercise cautions around the holiday and cancel large gatherings.

Dr. Maria Rivera with Harris County Public said that the numbers of people getting tested have increased recently.

“We’ve actually seen a substantial increase since Tuesday which was the day that judge Hidalgo sent the message to the public and we have seen our testing rates increase about 50% week by week,” said Dr. Rivera. She said she hopes that the trend will continue.

“It’s free you can get tested as many times as you want, the results come back quickly and so we hope people will continue to get tested as we go thru this holiday season,” Dr. Rivera said.

Rivera reiterated that people can’t let their guard down even if they test negative. She said people must continue to wear masks and social distance.

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