Hear from Houston-area teacher helping Moderna develop COVID-19 vaccine

HOUSTON – A Richmond man who is taking part in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial said he is excited by the latest report about the vaccine’s effectiveness.

“Knowing that A, that I potentially have it and B it will help our society get back to normalcy, I was excited,” said Chris Owor, 34.

The company announced on Monday that early data indicates its vaccine is up to 94.5% effective.

“My wife’s a nurse so it’s kind of inspired me to go ahead and be a hero just like her as much as I could,” said Owor, who is a teacher and coach in Fort Bend County.

Officially, Owor does not know whether he received the vaccine or a placebo. He believes he got the real thing because he had side effects after receiving both doses and has tested negative for the coronavirus several times.

“They check my vitals,” Owor said. “I have to do diaries as well to let them know how I’m feeling daily if anything’s changing.”

He said he’s not taking part in the trial for himself, but to help the community get back to normal.

“I’m just happy I’m able to help my population, and my culture and my community get closer and closer to a vaccine for everybody,” Owor said.