This is what Houston-area residents said about eating out amid the pandemic

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We put the question “Do you feel safe eating out right now?” to Houston-area residents and what we got back were dozens of responses ranging from those who’ve jumped at the chance to dine out at their favorite eateries to others that are sticking with takeout for the time being.

Here’s what 20 Houston-area residents say about their approach to eating out amid the pandemic:

“I’ve been eating out since this pandemic started. I’m living my life like normal ,only difference is having to wear a mask.” - Todd McGinnis

“One dinner out in 7 months!” - Stacy Meadors

“Takeout only” - Donna Jordan

“Pandemic or not I’m still too broke to eat out.” - Michael Graham Switzer

“I eat out at least once every day since April.” - Mike Dixon

“We eat out every week. Trying to support local.” - Karen Peterson

“I have gone to restaurants and I have seen them follow all the protocols. Mask, gloves, every other table closed. Paper menus and so on. I feel safe eating out.” - Marie Jody

“I do take out mostly, but have eaten out a few times. The atmosphere is weird right now. I can’t really enjoy it.” - M Joy Evans

“Takeout, people don’t understand the concept of social distancing.” - Bootz Castor

“We try to chose restaurants with outdoor dining, or go early before a dinner rush.” - Milo Moon

“We ate take-out when restaurants were locked down, but as soon as restaurants opened for dine-in, we’ve been going. Same for nail shops, hair salons and Jazzercise. Also had surgery and did physical therapy.” - Joyce N Joe Raiti

“Eat out! We cannot hide forever!” - Cindy Barbee

“We have been eating out, shopping, traveling...not even had a cough or sneeze! Not staying home! Careful and sensible, but NOT staying home!” - Cathy Koleng Tanner

“I’m new to Houston and haven’t eaten out at all yet but only done take-out. I walked around today and saw many people out and about, walking, eating, and sitting around...I loved seeing it and made me feel more comfortable. I think I’m going to start myself but limited as it’s now flew season (although I’ve never had the flu nor flu shot).” - William Roberts

“I’ll stick to curbside. This works out perfect for me even post pandemic, I can pig out without no one staring at me. 😂😂😂 I order a bunch of food and they figure it’s for 2-3 people, little do they know.” - Janeth Alday

“We really haven’t gone to a restaurant to eat in since this all started. After a while I caved and we bought take out from Gringos . Tou can call in the order charge to your card and then just tell them what type of car you’re driving and drive through and pick up. Also go to Kelly’s country cooking but we have to go in to pick up . The fast food places I’m a bit Leary of because there’s so many people handling things . I’m definitely more cautious about the cleanliness of places even more so than I was before.” - Jo Ann Robinson Blackburn

“Occasionally eating out since September 1st.When you have 2 family members die from covid you think twice.” - Beverly Griffin

“Yes we go out on a daily basis just to get out of the house now that we are working from home. Totally safe.” - Chris Holmes

“I’ve been eating out once in awhile and I feel safe.” - Linda Johnson Hursh

“Very safe. Did take out until our favorite restaurants opened back up.” - Lynn Roberts Grice

How are you approaching dining during the pandemic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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