Ask 2: Are Fort Bend County voters required to show ID when dropping off ballots in person?

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Question: Are you required to show identification to drop off ballots? I was told by Fort Bend If you deliver in person you need to show identification.

Answer: Yes.

Fort Bend County voters who are eligible for mail/absentee voting will be asked to show photo identification when delivering their ballot in person, according to a frequently asked questions document about ballot by mail voting available on the county’s website.

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Ballots for the upcoming election should be dropped off at the county’s election office at 4520 Reading Road in Rosenberg.

The deadline to drop-off a mail/absentee ballot in person in Texas is Election Day, which is Nov. 3., according to the Associated Press.

Here are the seven valid forms of photo identification voters can present:

  • Texas Drivers License
  • Texas Handgun License
  • Texas Personal Identification Card
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate
  • United States Military Identification Card
  • United States Citizen Certificate
  • United States Passport

The FAQ’s document also says that a person may not deliver someone else’s ballot.

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