Thief steals, destroys legally blind woman’s scooter, leaving her without any transportation

The slick black motorized scooter provided more than transportation for Kristine Murray. For the northwest Harris County woman, who is legally blind and unable to drive a car, the device gave her independence.

“It actually made me feel like a human being again,” Murray said. “You know, rather than a disabled blind person.”

Because of the size of the scooter’s engine, Murray didn’t need a license for the scooter. She was able to use it to drive to work, to the grocery store, to appointments or to visit family and friends. That was until someone stole it two weeks ago.

The thief caused serious damage and rendered the scooter undrivable by the time investigators located it and arrested the thief who stole it. The seat was damaged. The engine compartment was ripped apart. A light is missing, and the thief spray-painted the scooter.

Murray said she has taken the scooter to several shops, only to be told the repairs aren’t worth it.

“It would cost me approximately three times the amount that I actually paid for this thing to get it fixed,” Murray said.

Detectives found the scooter after the thief was spotted speeding through an apartment complex miles away from Murray’s residence.

Although she said she is hurt and angered by the damage the crook inflicted, she said she is being guided by her faith.

“I do believe that he is in jail. That is where he needs to be and that he does need to pay restitution,” Murray said. “But forgiveness is my way.”

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