Garbage truck crashes into woman’s home in northwest Houston

HOUSTON – Alexys Sandoval considers herself lucky after a city of Houston garbage truck crashed into her home Tuesday morning.

“I was very anxious. I didn’t even feel none of these bruises until the day after,” Sandoval said. “My bed shifted and I kind of like flew.”

Sandoval said the crash caused the house in northwest Houston to shift and bedroom walls to cave in. Outside, the home suffered extensive damage to the roof and carport.

“I mean we can’t do anything until everything is appraised,” she said, adding she plans to get the house and two cars, which were totaled, appraised.

Sandoval said she spoke to the garbage truck driver shortly after the crash.

“He said he doesn’t know what happened. He said he put the truck in neutral and then it just took off on him,” Sandoval said.

Sandoval is unsure how long it will take to fix the damage, but said she lives with her parents and is thankful they weren’t home.

“Right now, we are just in a really bad situation,” said Sandoval.

The family has hired an attorney and said they want the city to pay for the damage to their cars and home.