5 back-to-school items you didn’t know you needed

HOUSTON – With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and virtual learning, computers and laptops have replaced binders and notebooks on school supply lists, but there are other items you may not have considered that can help you save your sanity.

Whether your child is learning from home or going back to school face to face, these five items will be game-changers.

  1. For at-home learning, turn a simple trifold poster board into a cozy remote learning space your child can personalize. This idea is especially helpful if you will have more than one student working in a common area alongside one another.
  2. Dry erase board or chalkboard: Hanging a dry erase board or chalkboard in an area where your student can clearly see the day’s schedule of class check-ins and assignments will keep everyone on-task.
  3. Designate a cubby, cabinet or space where your students can put all of their supplies and homework at the end of each day.
  4. When it’s time to go back to school in person, where masks will be required, attaching them to lanyards or some sort of cord your kids can wear will help them keep up with the masks and keep them off the floor when they drop them.
  5. Add hand sanitizing wipes to your shopping list so you can pack one in their lunchbox every day for one more layer of cleanliness.