Here is what Houston area teachers have to say about back to school plans

The upcoming school year is on the minds of many: students, parents and especially teachers. One of their biggest concerns is staying safe while teaching children in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Very scared, very anxious, very worried,” said one teacher describing how she feels about returning to the classroom in just a few weeks.

She didn’t want her identity shown because she’s worried about losing the job, which she thinks could inevitably kill her.

“You have to work. You have to go back to pay bills. So there really is no choice. There is no choice,” she said.

Teachers sound off

All around the Houston and surrounding areas, thousands of teachers in our school districts are in the same tough spot. The struggle to juggle safety and still keep their jobs.

KPRC 2 heard from many of them who had concerns ranging from sick coworkers to consoling their young students while also trying to social distance.

One 3rd grade teacher said this: