5 things for Houstonians to know for Friday, July 17


Here are things you need to know for Friday, July 17:

1. Here are the big changes coming to unemployment benefits amid the COVID-19 pandemic

One week from this Saturday, the amount of money many Texans on unemployment get will go way down. The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) ends on July 25.

Texans collecting unemployment get an average of $349 from the state each week. Since April, the CARES Act stacked an extra $600 on top of that.

Come July 25, benefits drop back down to about $349 a week.

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2. Presidents of Texas’ 10 largest school boards send letter to Gov. Abbott about reopening schools

The presidents of the 10 largest school boards in Texas have come together to write a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott about funding for the upcoming school year.

The board called on Abbott to respond with his decisions by July 17 so that they can better inform their local school districts on the mentioned issues.

On Wednesday, the TEA announced a change to guidelines. According to a report by the Texas Tribune, TEA officials confirmed the agency would continue to fund school districts if local health officials order them to stay closed, as long as remote instruction is offered for all students.

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3. Answering your more pressing questions about kids and COVID-19

From masks to mental health, we have been getting a lot of questions regarding kids and COVID-19. We asked Dr. Charisma Garcia, pediatrician, Texas Children’s Health Plan The Center for Children and Women to help us answer some of your questions.

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4. Man steals over $41,000 worth of iPads from Deer Park ISD school, sells them on eBay, police say

A Deer Park man has been arrested and charged after police said he stole thousands of dollars worth of iPads from a school in the Deer Park Independent School District.

Alexander Garcia was arrested earlier in July after detectives determined he stole over $41,000 worth of iPads from Deepwater Junior High School and listed them for sale on eBay, police said.

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5. 2 Walmart locations in Houston area closed for cleaning and restocking, company says

Two Walmart stores in the Houston area are temporarily closed from Wednesday through Friday for additional cleaning and stocking, according to the company.'

Walmart released a statement saying it’s a “proactive measure.”

They added, “Everything we’re doing is for the well-being of our associates and customers, and in consideration of guidance by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and health experts.”

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