Dad fires gun after losing arm-wrestling match with son

Lights atop a police cruiser flash at the scene of a crime in this undated file image. (KPRC/File)

(AP) – This is the case of someone being a sore loser if there ever was one.

Police in Florence, Kentucky say an intoxicated man lost a series of arm-wrestling matches with his son Monday.

And when his arms failed to carry him to victory, he armed himself with a gun — and fired two shots into the ceiling as his son walked up the stairs of the house.

Between the arm-wrestling defeats and firing the weapon, authorities also say 55-year-old Curtis Zimmerman got into a fight with his son. Police were sent to Zimmerman’s home, where he was arrested after an 8-hour standoff.

He’s charged with wanton endangerment. Authorities say no one was hurt in the incident.