6-year-old child shot, killed by his father in Matagorda County, sheriff’s office says

MATAGORDA COUNTY, Texas – The sheriff’s office in Matagorda County said a man is facing a capital murder charge in connection with a shooting involving his young son.

Lt. James Orr said deputies were dispatched to a shooting in the Frost Mobile Home Community near Bay City around 3 a.m. Tuesday. The victim was a six-year-old boy and the boy’s father, Jacob Graves, 30, was arrested and charged with capital murder.

“I would’ve never thought this would’ve happened,” said former neighbor Cody Hudson.

Hudson and his daughters stopped by the property to drop off flowers for the family. They said the little boy’s name was Phillip.

“He was energetic. He was fun. He was very quiet but he was very loving. He and my daughter were thick as thieves,” said Hudson.

Kim Allen also stopped by the property. She said she first met the boy’s mother a few years ago but also knew his father.

“I’ve never seen him around his kids but the way he spoke about them and acted about them, you could tell he was a great father and loved them,” said Allen.

Lt. Orr said Rangers are helping with the investigation and still interviewing people.