What you need to know about the reopening of the San Jacinto Museum of History

LA PORTE, Texas – The San Jacinto Museum of History is opening after closing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are a few things you need to know:

When is it reopening?

The museum is scheduled to reopen on Friday, June 12. It will open this weekend from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It will open again for the same hours the following weekend, June 18 through 21. Visitors can also check the website for future dates.

What is the cost of admission?

Tickets for anyone 12 and older will be $10. Tickets for anyone ages 4 to 11 will cost $5 and admission is free for children 3 and under. All museum attractions are included in the ticket price.

Are there any new safety guidelines?

  • All visitors over 5 years old are required to wear masks or face coverings. Those under 5 can wear masks at parent or guardian discretion.
  • Visitors must wash or sanitize their hands as they begin their visit. Sanitation stations will also be available throughout the museum.
  • People are encouraged to respect social distancing.
  • Only 100 visitors will be allowed in at any given time during the initial reopening stages.
  • There will be one designated entrance and another designated exit.
  • Only two people will be allowed inside an elevator at a time unless they arrived together. In that case, the maximum is six.
  • High-traffic areas will be cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the day.

Can we visit the observation deck?

The observation deck is open, but telescope use will be suspended until a later date. People are also encouraged to limit their time to 15 minutes.

Is the theater open?

Yes, but some rows will be closed in order to enforce social distancing.

Can I schedule an event?

People are asked to check with museum staff if you or your organization would like to schedule an event since “rental of the facility is limited to the numbers as appropriate to the space.”

What is there to do other than see the museum?

The museum is on 1,200 acres of land with plenty to do. These are some of the suggestions given by the San Jacinto Museum of History:

  • Plan a family picnic on the grounds for Father’s Day
  • Bring binoculars for bird watching
  • Walk on the grounds where the Texians were camped
  • Discover granite markers noting important places and events of the battle
  • Touch the grounds where history was made that changed the face of a nation
  • Learn about the lives of the courageous men and women who built Texas
  • View the graveyard where the brave are buried
  • Climb the steps to the doors of the tallest column monument in the world

For more information about the museum visit Sanjacinto-museum.org.

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